June 2011


gray-arrow In June, we welcomed Mike Thomas the driving force and director of the new film, Living with the Tiger, which has been showing to audiences to rave reviews both here in Thailand and overseas.

Mike’s movie, Living with the Tiger is a non-profit film that explores the lives of the children in Baan Gerda, a small village in rural Thailand that is home to 85 HIV-infected orphans. Unlike an orphanage, Baan Gerda offers a unique family environment with foster parents looking after the children and their daily needs.

The feature-length documentary follows two children on an emotional journey as they re-unite with families that had abandoned them.

Living with the Tiger highlights a number of issues important to everyone such as family and belonging. Perhaps the single most important thing that comes from the film relates to stigma


and how society rejects those infected with HIV. The story about the children of Baan Gerda however, is one of hope and optimism.

Mike took time to tell us the history of the film, how it came to be and, of course the issues behind it. He also showed a short preview and answered questions about his experiences…

It was a great meeting with many of those present coming up with ideas and leads for Mike to contact.

With the aim to show his film in as many schools as he can, Mike welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in learning more about this amazing movie and fantastic project.

In short, great movie, great topic and any support Mike can get will not only help him, but the children at Baan Gerda.

If you need more information…. just visit the website, http://www.livingwiththetiger.com/

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