Past Events

6 March 2013

Sube Learning language thru Art, Music & Game

Agnes Chavez

14 December 2011

Improve your Classroom Management – a Look at Discipline

Maxine Ping

09 August 2011

Teachers as Leaders: A critical agenda

Silvia Orta, MIBA, EdD

05 July 2011

Test Making Software 101

Robert Kirkpatrick, PhD

08 June 2011

Living with the Tiger

Mike Thomas

10 May 2011

A Taste of Teacher Development from iTDi

Gareth Knight

08 December 2010

Teaching Thinking Skills

Maxine Ping

08 November 2010

Thinking Sustainability

Nadha Vikitsreth

12 October 2010

Basic First Aid in the Classroom

Chayada Klinpongsa

08 September 2010

Thai Cultural Course for Educators

Dr Nikolaus Mische

10 August 2010

Drug and alcohol abuse: Primer for educators

Simon Gunn, Channah Thailand

13 July 2010

Teacher benefits from Toastmasters

Tim Cornwall, PhD, DTM

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