The What, Why, and How of Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence
Ravi Pradhan

Would your teachers and parents be interested in developing the following skill set for their students?

•    Reduce effects of stress (mental/emotional) and strengthen resilience.
•    Improve quality of relationships at school and in family.
•    Demonstrate more appreciation, kindness, empathy and gratitude
•    Become better listeners and communicate more effectively
•    Increase self-confidence, emotional regulation and capacity to deal with negativity.
•    Increase academic performance
•    Gain more maturity in making decisions and dealing with various domains of life

Ravi FB 2As you well know, the above skills cannot be developed by just reading books, understanding the concepts and giving a test on its contents. These skills can only be developed through what we call an “embodied learning process” which combine an intellectual and emotional understanding of the concepts/models with practices and exercises in real life situations, deep reflection, and peer learning by effective coaching over time. In essence, an embodied learning process involves the mind-emotions-body of the learner.

In this brief session, Ravi Pradhan will introduce the fundamentals of mindfulness based emotional intelligence and why/how it can support students in building the above skill set.

Mindfulness has become more acceptable in the fields of health, business and education as is evident in the wide coverage in popular media as well as more serious academic journals. In the medical world, mindfulness has gained much wider acceptance, with NIH funding many research projects.

The fields of psychotherapy and psychiatry have started to incorporate both mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Mindfulness and emotional intelligence is also entering K-12 education in the USA, either separately or increasingly as a combination. Companies like Google have embraced it more fully as evident in its internal staff program called Search Inside Yourself which combines mindfulness, emotional intelligence and people skills.

We believe that in the coming years a more powerful combination of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and mind-body techniques will emerge as a new “skill set” for school and college students as well as professionals in many fields. After all, self-awareness and self-regulation is the foundation of strengthening emotional intelligence – which is so essential for one’s life and career on a day-to-day basis.

Ravi Pradhan

Ravi brings over thirty-five years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, organizational consultant, management trainer and social change agent. He has lived, studied and worked in the US and Asia, and brings an intimate experience of both the corporate and social sectors.

Tenderloins Thursday, 15 October 2015
Events start at 18.30; Mini-lecture at 19.15
THB 350- includes one drink and a selection of finger food
Venue: Tenderloins

An easy, walk from BTS Phrom Phong (Emporium)

For more information:
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